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Resin Works

Resin Works

Sunset Series

I’ve been painting in oils for about ten years.  My preferred style is realism;  my feeling is that my paintings aren’t successful unless they look like a photograph.  But painting like that, although beautiful to me, can be a long and tedious process.  I was looking for a new style that would help me finish pieces quicker than I could in oil.

I noticed a piece of art in the window of a Roanoke gallery that I was mesmerized by.  I found that the artist finished his piece with resin to help add depth to the work.  Further research led to an Australian artist who adds pigments to resin which she then paints with.  The end result was beautiful; I knew I had to give it a try.

The biggest challenge for me is learning to “let go”.  Being accustomed to painting realistically, switching to a medium that is very loose (and often times, very abstract) has been trying.  Resin has a mind of its own!  Just when you reach a point where you love what you have, the resin continues to move and cure and you always end up with something different.  Sometimes it’s not as nice as it was, but other times it’s even better.

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