Creating resin works is both fun and challenging.  Sometimes I start a work with no particular idea, or series, in mind and just see what happens.  Other times I start with an idea for a particular series in mind, but the resin decides to create something totally different.  In either case, you'll find those types of pieces here.

My latest series idea was made for the 2016 WRAL Freedom Balloon Fest, which was held in my former town of Fuquay-Varina, NC.  But the inspiration came from an off-handed comment by my friend, Terri, who noticed a piece of leftover, colored resin that was sitting on my table.  I had finished a landscape resin and she picked up the leftover scrap, set it on the piece and commented on how neat it would be to have a balloon on it.  You see, she used to live in New Mexico, and if  you know anything about that area, they hold a HUGE balloon festival there.  So her idea came naturally.  And from it, a new 3-D series was born.

If you see a piece you're interested in but it's marked as sold, please let me know.  Although pieces cannot be duplicated due to the fluid nature of resin, commissions are accepted to create similar style pieces and can be made in colors that match your decor.  And, if you've taken a photo or have an idea that you'd like to have created in resin, contact me to discuss sizes, colors and price.

Other Resin Works

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Unless otherwise noted, all paintings are on 1-5/8" to 2" deep cradled wooden panels.

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Other Resin Works

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"Up, Up and Away"  is from my newest series.  Can you guess what the series might be about?  3-D colored resin balloons are added over resin landscapes.  5" x 5" (series also includes 6" x 6").  Available.  

(Each painting takes it's name from a famous "flying" song.  At least, for now.)

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